Sara's first big project at Fandor was integrating their user data with the marketing team's email service provider. Her next big task was to upgrade the application to the latest version of Foundation (while leaving legacy support for the old version), and then developed the new guest homepage using the new version. In between, she pushed for a better GitHub process, resulting in the team using pull requests instead of committing to master, and implemented a series of small features and bug fixes.

In addition to writing code, Sara was communicative with internal teams to make sure that projects were well-defined, well-scoped, and that the end result would meet the actual need. In some instances, she was able to reduce the work required to achieve the goal, and she focused on iterative change when possible. She also participated in on-call rotation, handling smaller issues such as IP bans, and escalating to appropriate team when needed.

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Hubot Cute Me

Sometimes what life needs is a shot of cuteness. That's why the cute me add-on for Hubot exists. Just ask the bot, and it will deliver a random image from the Daily Cute API.

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There are many dictionary APIs, but none that can supply only words that are easily spellable. How do you determine which words humans can spell? You could write a complicated algorithm that would guess whether or not it would be spellable. Or you could ask people to spell the word.

For this project, Sara took that latter approach. The front end is a spelling game that is surprisingly addictive. On the backend, there is an API endpoint that serves up words that have a high correct spelling percentage. Problem solved!

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Is your party off to a slow start? Lederfeier can help! Register your guests using their mobile numbers, and the app will send them conversation prompts via text message. You can choose what type of gathering you are hosting, as well as what rating the prompts should be.

We thought the name was a (made-up) German term that means "pants party". It doesn't.

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API Mashup Challenge

After being stuck trying to figure out what to build next, Sara thought it would be great if there was a site that would help decide for you. So she built it. API Mashup Challenge takes two random APIs from its database and challenges you to make an app using both of them. It also provides you with possible names for the project.

Have an interesting mashup you'd like to share with the world? Add it! If you're favorite APIs aren't listed, let Sara know. She can add them for you.

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Sara in a Nutshell

Sara got involved in the tech world when she was 15 as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She spent 2 years in high school testing insurance rating software (yawn) before moving to San Francisco to major in Sociology at the University of San Francisco.

After a few years dabbling in other industries, Sara realized that software development was her true calling. She currently works as a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, with a focus on solutions that scale, cleanup of an existing codebase, and pushing the application's test coverage to as close to 100% as possible.

When not writing apps, Sara enjoys cooking and tries to spend as much time sewing as she does ripping out stitches. She also has an unreasonable love for period British dramas and has seen every film incarnation of Sense and Sensibility.



Sara is currently looking for a web developer or business analyst position on a team that values testing, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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Sara graduated from USF summa cum laude with minors in Media Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her favorite moment in time at USF was teaching her Sociology professors the ins and outs of World of Warcraft, a necessity for her senior thesis on women’s gender performance in the game’s virtual world.

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